Yu Oda

- Composer -


- "Humanize Me Project 128 Remix" now on Sound Cloud!

The remix of my own previous work "Humanize Me" for the project 128 have been performed a few times. Now the live recording of the work from the gig at Studio/K is on SoundCloud! listen to the track on SoundCloud

- Project 128

There will be lots of the Project 128 gigs during the upcoming season. With the musicians of Stichting Earvision, I am currently busy with this project, challenging the role of a composer! - Watch the teaser video of the project on Youtube

- Special Thanks

I would like to thank Performing Arts Fund NL (Fonds Podium Kunsten) for supporting my activities as a composer; new works for Project 128 have been funded by FPK, which will be premiered in upcoming events this year.

- New Work has been uploaded

The sound recording of my latest composition "In Your Dream" has been uploaded on SoundCloud and YouTube. It was premiered by the chamber orchestra from NJO Summer Academy 2013, with pianist Pascal Meyer and conductor Clark Rundell.

- "Behind the Scene" A New Video

The composition for piano and the toy piano, "Behind the Scene", was performed during the Looptail concert in Den Haag. The video is now available on Looptail YouTube Channel. Check out the percussionist Rachel Xi Zhang playing the toy piano part!